This set is perfect for Amy owners, as t features the colors of the Gallahs netball team that Amy plays for and matches her meet outfit.

  • ===A pink and green tracksuit jacket.===

The Jacket is lined, just like a real tacksuit Jacket. It has pockets on the front, but they can't be opened.

  • ===Green and pink tracksuit pants.===

Like the jacket, the pants are also lined. They are mainly green, but they also have pink on each leg (see picture). The pockets can't be opened.

  • ===A green netball bib.===

A green bib with a clear plastic window on the front so that your doll can play any postion.Edit

  • ===A white netball===
  • ===Green and pink bag with koala motif.===

The bag is very well made, and does up with a zip at the top. On it has two "drink bottle holders" on either side.